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Water reticulation

GCE is renowned for its expertise in water reticulation works. As a trusted panel pipe contractor for Air Selangor, we ensure the distribution of clean water to various buildings through pipelines, catering to domestic, commercial, and industrial needs.

Our comprehensive process involves identifying suitable water sources, treating the water for consumption, designing an efficient distribution network, installing high-quality pipes, regulating pressure levels, connecting buildings seamlessly, conducting rigorous testing procedures, and providing regular maintenance services.

We understand the importance of these works in delivering a reliable water supply to communities. That’s why effective planning, meticulous design, flawless installation practices, and diligent maintenance are paramount to achieve efficient water distribution.

Maintenance and Emergency Air Selangor

GCE has shown remarkable skill in conducting pipe repair work and maintenance for Air Selangor. Our efforts have been incredibly impressive, with a proven history of successfully addressing and resolving different problems related to pipeline systems.

GCE expertise in this field is highly commendable, as we consistently provide efficient and effective solutions for repairing and maintaining the water pipelines of Air Selangor. GCE’s dedication to excellence and our ability to overcome challenges have made us a trusted partner in ensuring the seamless operation of Air Selangor’s water distribution network.

Under Pressure Tapping

Genisan Construction & Engineering Works Sdn Bhd (GCESB) is a pioneer company in providing Under-Pressure Technology (UPT) for the water and waste water industries. The innovative technology of UPT Hot-Tapping and UPT Line Stopping eliminates the need for a complete system shutdown that creates major service disruptions. This is vital in areas or critical situations where maintenance, replacement or relocation of sections of the pipe system is required

Hot-Tapping is a method to create a hole in a pipeline without shutdown. It is mainly used for creating a new branch or for line stopping. The process involves using specialized equipment and procedures to safely and efficiently perform hot-tapping while the pipeline is under pressure. The Hot-Tapping Cutter is made for different pipe materials and sizes. It works with a Pilot Drill and Cutter Housing. This machine can be used on any pipes in the water and wastewater industry

Under-pressure technology line stopping temporarily isolates pipelines. It is effective when valves are unavailable for maintenance, pipelines need relocation, or during emergencies. It allows work on the pipeline without interrupting water supply.

Underwater Pipe repair work

GCE has extensive experience in underwater pipework and specialized knowledge and skills in working with submerged piping systems. Our expertise includes underwater welding techniques, installation and maintenance of submarine pipelines, inspection and repair of underwater pipes, and adherence to safety protocols.

We are familiar with industry-standard practices and guidelines. In addition, we have strong project management abilities and excellent problem-solving skills, allowing us to successfully coordinate and execute underwater pipeline projects.

Overall, we are a highly skilled team including professional divers with comprehensive knowledge and practical expertise in managing and executing underwater pipe installations, repairs, and maintenance. GCE portfolio includes Pulau Ketam underwater pipe repair work for Air Selangor for which we have received recognition and award.

Fibre Network Services

GCE is also vendor for Maxis Communication for OSP Fibre civil work.  Fibre civil work encompasses the intricate process of laying cables, establishing pathways, and installing essential infrastructure for a fully functional fibre optic network.

A meticulous survey is conducted to determine the optimal route for cable placement, followed by trenching and the careful installation of ducts to safeguard the cables. Furthermore, strategic positioning of infrastructure components is carried out, accompanied by stringent quality checks to ensure compliance with industry standards.

Mill and Pave

GCE offers mill and pave services. Our team of professionals is highly skilled and experienced in providing mill and paving services for various surfaces such as roads, parking lots, and driveways. Whether you need a small repair or a complete resurfacing, we have the expertise and equipment to deliver high-quality results. Our services include milling the existing surface to remove any imperfections, followed by paving a new layer to create a smooth and durable finish. We prioritize customer satisfaction and strive to complete each project efficiently and within the specified timeframe. Contact us today to learn more about our mill and pave services.

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